RebarWin 5.0

Design and analyze concrete steel reinforcement bars

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Create accumulated, sorted and weighed bar lists, compute bending dimensions and see statistics for your projects. It supports the Imperial as well as the Metric measuring system.

RebarWin 3.3 is a rebar detailing shareware application. Rebar = concrete steel reinforcement bar. Supports Imperial, SoftMetric and European Metric measuring systems. This software generates sorted, weighed and accumulated bar lists. Prints labels. Graphically defines placing requirements. Calculates varying bars and (optionally) bending deductions. It also calculates bending dimensions from other known dimensions. Statistics by project, machine, diameter, straight/bent, module. Useful for professionals dealing with construction, concrete reinforcing, civil engineering and architecture. It can be freely distributed. 60-day free trial. Includes a step by step tutorial and an uninstall routine. On-line support and program custom changes are available.

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